About MagneticMaterials.org

MagneticMaterials.org is an online repository of auto-generated magnetic materials databases and the home of the Magnetic Materials Discovery app

Automated database generation

Automatic extraction of chemical properties from the scientific literature.

Using advanced Natural Language Processing and Relationship Extraction techniques within ChemDataExtractor, we extract the properties of magnetic and superconducting materials from the scientific literature. Records can be easily identified in both text and tables.

Data driven Phase Transition Analysis

The Magnetic Materials Discovery Web-app enables visualisation of magnetic and superconducting phase diagrams, with high accuracy.

Visualise any phase relationships and find associated structures.

Phase Transition Prediction

Combine extracted data with structural and atomic features, machine learning tools can be used to make phase transition predictions.

Data Validation

Use the DataCite MetaData Search Tool to verify predictions and research associated data.

Compare predictions to DOI tagged experimental data from the world's leading laboratories.